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Weekly horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs

from sunday 21 to saturday 27, July 2024

My weekly horoscope

Free weelky horoscope Arians ARIES
1st decan 21/03-31/03
2nd decan 31/03-10/04
3rd decan 10/03-21/04
Free weelky horoscope Taureans TAURUS
1st decan 21/04-30/04
2nd decan 30/04-10/05
3rd decan 10/05-21/05
Free weelky horoscope Geminis GEMINI
1st decan 21/05-31/05
2nd decan 31/05-10/06
3rd decan 10/06-21/06
Free weelky horoscope Cancerians CANCER
1st decan 21/06-2/07
2nd decan 2/07-12/07
3rd decan 12/07-23/07
Free weelky horoscope Leos LEO
1st decan 23/07-2/08
2nd decan 2/08-12/08
3rd decan 12/08-23/08
Free weelky horoscope Virgos VIRGO
1st decan 23/08-2/09
2nd decan 2/09-12/09
3rd decan 12/09-23/09
Free weelky horoscope Librans LIBRA
1st decan 23/09-2/10
2nd decan 2/10-12/10
3rd decan 12/10-23/10
Free weelky horoscope Scorpios SCORPIO
1st decan 23/10-2/11
2nd decan 2/11-12/11
3rd decan 12/11-22/11
Free weelky horoscope Sagittarians SAGITTARIUS
1st decan 22/11-2/12
2nd decan 2/12-12/12
3rd decan 12/12-21/12
Free weelky horoscope Capricorns CAPRICORN
1st decan 21/12-1/01
2nd decan 1/01-10/01
3rd decan 10/01-20/01
Free weelky horoscope Aquarians AQUARIUS
1st decan 20/01-30/01
2nd decan 30/01-8/02
3rd decan 8/02-19/02
Free weelky horoscope Pisceans PISCES
1st decan 19/02-1/03
2nd decan 1/03-11/03
3rd decan 11/03-21/03

What's my true sign and astrological decan ?

Your zodiac sign is determined at the time of your birth, by the position of the sun in the zodiac. Dates are changing each year because the position of the Sun is ruled by season and not by calendar dates. find out about your sun sign and decan...
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