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Astrology : the ascendant (rising sign) and astrological houses (or domification)

The ascendant and houses

Astrological houses

Also called "astrological sectors", there are 12 houses, just like the zodiac signs. The first house starts with the ascendant which is the point where is the eastern horizon. This is the East intersection beetween earth and sky at the precise time and place of birth. The zodiac sign pointed by the Ascendant is also called the Rising sign. Houses and signs are in analogy; the twelve houses reflect the meaning of the twelve signs.
Houses are calculated according to the date and place of birth and show 12 sectors that correspond to the position of the earth. It is shaped in twelve sections of 2 hours (24h/12) and it is called a domification (latin "Domus" = house).
The most important houses are the ones that are close to the horizon (ascendant and descendant) and to the meridian (Midheaven and Nadir) which are called angular houses. Each one of the 12 houses represents a specific life domain:

House I or Ascendant

House I The "ego", the physical appearance, the personality. This house gives details about the personality, the behaviour towards the outside world.
The ascendant is one of the main elements in the interpretation of the birth chart. The planets that are close to it or totally in the opposite direction are called angular, they "spice up" the personality.

House II

House II Money made at work, material things, belongings, presents.

House III

House III The neighborhood, brothers and sisters, small trips. Primary studies, communication, transportation.

House IV or Nadir

The family, the house, the background, the properties, childhood.
connection between signs and astrological houses
connection between signs and astrological houses

House V

House V Love, pleasure, creativity, relationship with children, leisure, games, contests.

House VI

House VI Daily life, work and co-workers, health, constraints, pets, small diceases.

House VII or Descendant

House VII Marriage, other people, associations, real foes, trials.

House VIII

House VIII Crisis, transformations, death, secrets, passions, sexuality, inheritance, incomes.
astrological houses/sectors

House IX

House IX Travels, foreign countries, long studies, legal issues, philosophy and religion.

House X or Midheaven

House X Goals, social success, professional career, ambitions, climbing the social ladder.
Just like the ascendant, the House 10 is very important. The planets that are close to it or totally in the opposite direction are called angular, they "spice up" the destiny.

House XI

House XI Friends, projects, support, protections, group activities, humanitarian causes, media.

House XII

House XII Troubles, loneliness, trials and tribulations, important diceases, spirituality, intimacy, the soul.

I want to know my ascendant and my astrological houses !

Discover the chart wheel and get your free birth chart with your ascendant and astrological houses. Online free calculation of the ascendant and rising sign...
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