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The planets in astrology

the planet Saturn

dignitie: Capricorn
exaltation: Libra and Aquarius
SaturnSaturn is connected to knowledge and climbing the social ladder, but also to our restrictions, mental blocks and limitations. Represented by a cross with a sickle underneath, it is connected to time and rock: everything that's hard and lasts.

Saturn Keywords: Concentration, rigour, responsibility.
Other keywords:
Restriction, introversion, concentration, rigour, giving up, humbleness, inhibition, stinginess, prudence, sadness.
Qualities: Wisdom, responsibility, patience.
Flaws: Pessimism, intolerance, judgemental.
Correspondences: with the signs of Capricorn, and Aquarius (and also Libra). Squeleton, bones, skin, the color black, lead, Saturday.
The father, grand-parents, policeman, judge.

Did you know that planets characterize you more than your sign ?

For astrologers, typologies aren't characterized by the solar sign but by one or several planets that are called "dominant". For example if in your birth chart Mars is the most important planet (because of its extremely important position and its aspects to luminaries or angular houses), Mars will be your dominant planet. This characteristic doesn't necessarily depend on your solar sign. That same solar sign is another element amongst others in the determination of the dominant planet. Consequently we can be "Martian" without being an Aries or a Scorpio (Mars is connected to those two signs). We can then say that we can have the personality of an Aries (which means being typically "Martian") even though we were born in another sign ! We can find out about planetary dominants thanks to an astrological study of your birth chart.
Solar system and planets in astrology
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astrology : planets of the solar system
dimensions and distances beetween planets are not scaled

I want to know my planetary positions !

Get your free natal chart, it will give you the positions of all planets in sign and house. free birth chart online calculator...
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