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Personalized astrology forecasts

forecast through planetary transits

Astroquick computerized analysis Astral forecast Transits give you a calculation and an interpretation of your main planetary transits. The presentation by date of transit helps us follow the evolution of transits and know about the phases of influence. The summary of several simultaneous transits is a complicated art that can't be done by a "computer". Consequently this analysis was made to study the main things and to help you get more in touch with your life experience. Patrick Giani is the astrologer and author of the interpretations with no unnecessary descriptions. The results of this report will be a great support when it comes to following closely your personal astrological cycles.
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The planetary transits method is the most simple, precise and accurate. It has been used for centuries, still gives accurate dates and also details about our planetary cycles with a length of 250 years to 1 month. In general, the more rare a cycle is, the more important it gets ! Transits of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are the less frequent and are connected to main life events, some of them only happening once in a lifetime! However, transits of Venus or Mercury happen every year and are connected to minor meaningless events. But we have to remember that cycles accumulate together and during a coincidence of several cycles, a minor transit can have the consequences of a main transit, shortly before or after the given date. That's impossible to do for a computer, the summary of the astral forecast can only be done by an astrologer. In general astrologers won't talk about details of your daily life but will focus your attention on the main forecast by giving you dates and details about important phases of your life.

Solar return

The Astroquick astrological report Solar return is an interpretation of your birthday chart, from a birthday to the next one. Unlike other computerized analysis, Astroquick's takes into account the comparison of the solar return chart with the birth chart. This connection is crutial to find out more precisely the life sectors with main transits and planetary configurations. Technically this report gathers many settings and some interpretations may sometimes be a little disparate. Same thing for astrologers because working on a solar return summary is hard labour and they will have to avoid many details to do it. That's why the conception and the writing of the Astroquick solar return were meant to balance the interpretation by developping the main facts while keeping the less important but not insignificant facts. This analysis of the solar return is a crutial guide that we ask you to keep reading all along your solar year.
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This astrological technique is the most recent with only a few centuries of experimentation ! It is based upon the study of the sky configuration when the Sun returns back to its birth position (revolution). This particular moment is characterized by the angle of the earth showed by the position of the ascendant and houses. Unlike the transits, the solar return depends on the place we are on our birthday. The solar return doesn't give precise dates but details about all your life sectors you will focus on at the beginning of the year. That's why we can say a solar return gives a lot more details as for your material life and will help you understand the concrete consequences of the main planets transits.

Solar return + annual transits

AstroQuick offers a birthday package with a solar return and main transits reports for the same period. This is a very good discount for you and the synchronization of the reports dates will give you a full inventory of the annual astrological forecasts. Patrick Giani is the astrologer and author of those studies and gives this birthday pack a lot of coherence and makes it easy for the readers to understand everything.
The combination of those two main techniques is the best thing when it comes to astrological forecasts ! The solar return gives an atmosphere and transits the main dates. This complementarity will help you find out some astrological connections and to see what is the most affected by the planetary transits in your life.
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Determinism and free will

Planetary cycles in your life do not determine your destiny in an arbitrary way. Of course we all have our own free will and planetary cycles only give us details about important milestones in a lifetime. We express our free will in the way we use the currents: either we don't do anything and we just live our life based on the "weakest" currents (and their unavoidable bumps) or we act and make sure we want to be creative in order to overcome any issues and to enjoy some opportunities. Astrology gives us details about the possibilities we have in this world but we have no idea what we will do with it ! A knowledge of astrological previsions gives now a real meaning to the saying "forewarned is forearmed!
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