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Astrology : My Birth chart : birth chart and karmic astrology

Astrology birth chart

Full birth chart

The Astroquick Birth Chart report is an astropsychological analysis of the birth chart made according to the classic way planets are classified. All the planets are interpreted in signs and houses and in the same order their aspects to other planets. The quality of the interpretations written by the astrologer Patrick Giani, author of numerous astrological books, makes those documents easy to read. The knowledge of a birth chart makes it easier to know ourselves, we discover our specificities the way they are showed across the universal astrological symbols. ! The birth sky chart is basically what any astrologer would use in order to give proper astrological previsions. Click here to order your full birth chart

Karmic birth chart

More precisely it's a birth chart in karmic astrology. Patrick Giani is one of the most famous specialists and wrote a lot of books about it. In karmic astrology our spiritual path is reflected in the birth chart and more precisely in karmic indicators showed by the positions of lunar nodes and the Black Moon. The karmic analysis is therefore a deepening of the birth chart and takes into account extra factors such as retrograde planets, their aspects to karmic elements, or also the connection between luminaries and the part of fortune. In the first part, the Astroquick karmic chart is made of a full birth chart with interpretations. The second part is about the karmic analysis with the study of lunar nodes, the black moon and the part of fortune. Click here to order your karmic birth chart
Of course, those interpretations will suit those who believe in reincarnation and in the fact that our birth wasn't random but there was already something going on in a further past. It's good not to be confused between karma and religion. Karma isn't a dogma, it proves that causes and consequences are connected both ways. Karmic astrology tries to focus on causes and independently on beliefs as well, its astrological interpretations may also be understood as the results of family and genetic memories.

The birth chart, medium of the astrological consultation

The power of computers makes it so easy to give exceptional analysis but there are some limits to it as far as summaries because it's still a human science made by real astrologers. If we want to know more about ourselves, it's better to get in touch with our sensibility than to get a simple analysis. That's why a real consultation with an astrologer is the best thing when it comes to getting to know ourselves, our charts and our particularities better. The computerized astrological report is still pretty useful when it comes to astrological language and chart structure. It may help you prepare your consultation and know a little more about astrological positions even though the astrologer will focus more on it during the consultation. Another good thing about astrological consultations is that we will get to update our charts because they are constantly refreshed and updated according to the positions of current planets.
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